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 Feature highlights
  • X-ray generator includes optimised spectrum
  • High resolution XADA sensor technology
  • HiTraX II system platform with extended scope of services
  • High resolution image display with high resolution
  • Up to 37 mm steel penetration
  • Wire detectability up to AWG 41
  • Fully integratable in networks for system management, archiving, image distribution and TIP functionalities
  • Integrated radioactivity sensor (optional)

The HI-SCAN 7555si is equipped with an advanced multi-energy X-ray generator, a new generation of electronics plus a completely novel high resolution detector line. Thanks to this optimised technology, the system demonstrates performance rates not achieved before.

HI-SCAN 7555si produces extremely detailed X-ray images with more than double the number of real, physical pixels. The considerably enhanced image resolution of the scanned objects represents a decisive advantage for image evaluation in security areas.

HI-SCAN 7555si additonally has a higher tunnel opening and therefore can scan objects, which exceed standard dimensions for hand luggage in the aviation industry.


Max. object size 750 (W) x 550 (H) [mm]
29.5” (W) x 21.7” (H)
Dimensions 2120 (L) x 985 (W) x 1445 (H) [mm]
83.5” (L) x 38.8” (W) x 56.9” (H)
Weight approx. 580 kg
approx. 1287.7 lbs
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