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 Feature highlights:

The HI-SCAN 145180 has been specially designed to meet the needs and applications of warehouses, carriers, forwarders and couriers for airports (palletized Lower Deck - Cargo).
The HI-SCAN 145180 is a low energy (160 kV) X-ray inspection system with tunnel dimensions of 1450 mm (57“) width and 1800 mm (71“) height. It is especially suitable for the inspection of air cargo transported on standard Euro, British or US pallets.

  • Universal X-ray system for palletized items
  • Excellent image presentation (optimized X-ray geometry)
  • Outstanding image quality with new HiTraX electronics
  • New HI-MAT Plus technology for advanced material distinction
  • Typical penetration: 35 mm of steel
  • OTS Operator Training System available as option



Max. object size 1440 (W) x 1700 (H) [mm]
56.7” (W) x 66.9” (H)
Dimensions 5360 (L) x 2140 (W) x 2285 (H) [mm]
211” (L) x 84.3” (W) x 90” (H)
Weight approx. 1900 kg
approx. 4189 lbs
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