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Máy soi hành lý Heimann-Smiths

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Chi tiết:

 Feature highlights:
  • High reliability
  • Best-in-class image quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Upgradable electronics & software

Make your building a more secure place by keeping threats out and people safe. HISCAN 6040C is an ideal system to secure entrance areas and screen bags, parcels and other objects for prohibited and dangerous items.

HI-SCAN 6040C generates highly detailed, easily interpreted X-ray images, a key strength of Smiths Detection. Intelligent image display functions support the operator in rapid and reliable distinction of organic and inorganic threats. With a new optimised background contrast function, the recognisability of objects on the screen is enhanced significantly.

HI-SCAN 6040C also offers a number of features that provide real-time diagnostics on its operating status,  ensuring easy handling and accelerated troubleshooting for operators and technicians.

The completely new HiTraX 3 electronics and software provide a reliable platform for future upgrades to meet changing security requirements.



Max. object size 615 (W) x 410 (H) mm
24.2 (W) x 16.1 (H) ins
Dimensions 2004 (L) x 850 (W) x 1395 (H) mm
78.9 (L) x 33.5 (W) x 54.9 (H) ins
Weight approx. 460 kg
approx. 1014 lbs
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