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Máy soi hành lý, soi hàng hóa, cổng từ Uniqscan

Liên hệ: 0976.275.983 hoặc 0941.88.99.83 hoặc email: - Mr. Hoàng Anh Quý!

Chi tiết:

  • 500*300mm Tunnel Size
  • Single Energy , 40AWG Wire Resolution , 10mm Steel Penetration
  • 100kg Conveyor Max Load
Single-Energy ,L-shaped array detector
apan HAMMATSU detector crystal , Detecting board from Deetee Finland. 
IPC from Taiwan , Interroll Roller from German
High-resolution PHILIP 19 inch color LCD display
Four colors to distinguish organic , inorganic and dangerous material
Multiple functions: High/Low penetration display, Magnifier, Brightening/dimming,
Image enlarge, recurrence, restoration, storage, network
General specification   X-ray Generator
Tunnel Size : 500(W)×300(H)mm  Orientation: Upward;
Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s Tube Current: 0.4~0.7MA(adjustable)
Conveyor Max Load: 150 kg  Anode voltage: 80KV(adjustable)
Single inspection dosage:< 0.26μGy
 X-ray divergence angle: 60 °
Leakage radiation dosage:≤ 0.14µGy/h  Generator cooling/working periods:
Wire resolution: 40AWG  sealed oil bath with forced air/100%
Spatial resolution :1.0mm Horizontal ;1.0mm Vertical  X-RAY Sensor:
Steel Penetration: 12mm steel plate  L-shaped array detector, 24bit
Film safety: for ISO1600
Image Performance System
X-ray sensor---L type photodiode array detector (energy), 24 bi depth;
Display---High-resolution liquid crystal display, 24-bit color;
Color management architectures---Different color, different matter;
Inverse、white/black/colorized---For compare these images to find the suspected dangerous goods
To eliminate organic、Inorganic out---In view of the most important image;
Edge enhancement---The edge of image is more clear;
High penetration---Make the image more through, for look every goods in one image ;
Zoom in/zoom out---Make the image bigger ,make the image smaller;
1 times size of image---Make image back to 1 times size of image;
Brighter/darker---Make image more bright /make image darker;
Replay---Playback all images on the screen at current,be able to do the next steps;
Application and Certifications
used for scenic spots, gymnasium, expo centre, left- baggage counter, supermarket, hotel ,court, prison..etc
Machine parts safeguard measures
High performance network function
Chinese ministry of public security testing
EU CE Certification
ISO9001 Certification
ISO14001 Environmental Management
Radiation safety certification from China Government

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